Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cool Poster

Wow, somebody sent me this cool Otto poster. I don't even know where it is - probably Brussels - but it's cool!


Lynn & Horst said...

oh yes

Anonymous said...

very cool!

ShadowB. said...

I confirm that it is in Brussels

besa mis sombras said...

hi there,

i´m antonio, spanish journalist. i colaborate in a magazine and a electronic zine here in spain, and i wonder if i could interview you about your career and specially your last film, otto, that i´m longing to watch.

the magazine is avalaible online, is called "gente joven" (young people) and fight for the rights of the gay/lesbian/transexual community.
the ezine is called "gayumbos" (slang word for man underwear)and can be visited at .

if it´s cool with u, just tell me a way of communicate with you, via email, chat, etc.

Anonymous said...
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mascdudewriter said...