Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Torino Shenanigans - At the Torino Faggot Film Festival

Damn I'm always doing this backwards. Okay this is a crazy sculpture in the apartment of the Italian architect Carlo Mollino who, according to the website - http://www.docevita.com/design/mollino/mollino.htm - was a designer, architect, genius, obsessed with drugs, sex, and extreme decoration. Aren't we all. And here's an explanation of this apartment/museum that I visited, by appointment only, mind you, courtesy of the website eyesing: http://eyesing.typepad.com/eyesing/architecture/index.html. "Mollino was a student of the occult (!) and obsessed with the tomb of the ancient Egyptian royal architect, Kha, which was housed in a museum in his hometown. Like the ancient Egyptians, Mollino believed that the human soul was made of semi-divine parts that survived death. To that end, he spent the last 14 years of his life decorating this apartment, just as Kha decorated his pyramid in his spare time. Mollino never stayed the night here (another luxurious apartment was his primary residence) because it was essentially his own modern day pyramid, decorated with the things he wanted to take into the afterlife." Okay so the apartment was very spooky and I had a really strange nightmare after visiting it. I was visited by a succubus in my sleep. She was a dwarf, and she was trying to suck the life energy out of me sexually. We ended up in the bathroom and I beat her with a woman's high heel shoe until she turned into steak tartare, literally. (I'd seen a homophobic man in a pin-striped suit eating one in Brussels.) Mollino is also famous for his collection of dirty polaroids featuring women in various states of undress. He kept a collection of women's lingerie and high heels to photograph his subjects in. There was a single pair of high heels in his Egyptian pyramid room, which also contained his boat bed which was supposed to command his soul to heaven. It's really trippy; you had to be there.

One of Mollino's hot chair designs.

Mollino's apartment.

Mollino's apartment was full of double mirrors, one in front of another. It has a mystical significance. Those are my friends Slava and Brian reflected in the mirrors.

David Lynch cameo.

Slava taking pics in the toilet.

Okay this wasn't at Mollino's apartment. This was in my hotel room. I was the only one who got a whirpool bathtub, so everyone was dropping over for a whirl.

A random boy takes a whirl.

Earlier, outside of Slava and Brian's party, Terence Koh and Gio Black Peter get messy hot.

At Slava and Brian's party Ron Athey dances old school leather bar disco realness with Christophe Chemin.

All that green.

Ron and CC really hit it off because they're twisted sisters.

This is the new crotch dance. All the old school kids are doing it.

Studio 55.

The aftermathparty. Toilet terror.

Glamoo Terence Koh and Jop Butt.

Sailor Moon.

Well it was cold in Torino.

Dirty Tom Ford Butt.

Jop's product got trampled.

There goes CC again, falling...

Go ask Alice.
TK's first dj gig. He played Toxic five times. People left.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Belfast 101 Part 2

The name is an anagram.

Republican murder victims of the conflict.

The infamous H-Block, the prison configuration invented by the British jailers. Apparently it was adopted by the American Government for their prison at Guatanamo Bay.

Honouring the female fighters of the IRA.

Taxi drivers were routinely murdered during the war, particularly those who picked up Catholics. To this day it is almost impossible to hail a cab in Belfast.

One of the many small commemorative gardens dedicated to the IRA supporters who lost their lives during the war.

Neo-Nazis. Ignore them.