Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer and Smoke Up Your Ass

I remember her name. Disco Dollie. She came up for the party from San Diego with Jesus (pronounced Jesus). We thought she had a nice Connie Stevens vibe happening. Jesus has a smile that lights up a room. And a great Residents t-shirt!
Ron and his little friend Suppository Spelling. No, Jean Genet Ramsay. No, fuck, I can't remember. Ron, what's his name again? I'm brain dead. Oh! Foxy Contin!
Awww. That was quite a story my friend. Almost broke my heart.
That's me at my Otto afterparty at Shits and Giggles with my new friend Jesus (pronounced Jesus) who came all the way up from San Diego to meet me, and my awesome friend Anna Margarita Albelo who is a Cubana and whom I met through my friend Christophe Chemin in Berlin.
I know this guy. His name is Stinky or Smelly or something like that. He performed at my party. He's better than Marilyn Manson, really.
Work that bracelet. It was too tight and it gave him a bruise.
House arrest. What could be more glamorous?
The last time I saw Richard he had a special ankle bracelet. It's all the rage in Los An.
Keith from the Circle Jerks lives next door! I didn't meet him but I saw him out the window!
I love horse shoe knockers.
I stayed for a few days at my dear friend Billy's boyfriend's place. He's into antlers and such.
Back in LA, I spotted this in a window in Silverlake. To quote Ron Athey in Hustler White: "I'm going to take that hope of yours and shove it up your ass!"
Poesidan's Big Adventure.
We got stoned and worked out at midnight to Throbbing Gristle and stuff like that.

Everybody into the peool.
Ron designed the cactus garden. He's a landscape wiz.
Ron in a contemplative mood.
This was my room in Palm Springs where I vacationed with my friend Ron Athey at our friend Susan Matheson's house. Suzette did the costumes for the last four Will Farrell movies.
The Castro Cinema, where I had my screening of Otto; or, Up with Dead People.
This business in San Francisco had either just opened or closed.

Okay so I'm sorry i haven't posted any photos all summer long but I've been on tour and I can't do everything at once. I've been Floating, drifting on the air-conditioned wind/And drooling for a taste of something smuggled in. (Joni Mitchell/The Jungle Line). I haven't been taking many photos, especially here in LA, where all the lame paparazzi are always falling all over themselves trying to take a lame photograph of a lame celebrity. The idiocracy feeding off the idiocracy. It's too banal. It makes you want to smash your own camera in protest. But just to prove I've actually been working it, I'll show ya what I got.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bruce! Nice blog! I love your work! come to Paris please!



jesse said...
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Sofia Barlocco [Pony] said...

I'm Sophie, from Argentina.
A couple of months ago, i saw your movie, Otto or up with dead people, on a film festival here in Buenos Aires. I loved it. But i thought i would have the pleasure to say it to you personally, bacause there where many directors presenting their movies, and it was quite disapointing. I have to say, i was hoping that i would have a picture with you right now... Anyway, my english is limitated, and i have even practiced what i would like to say to you if i ever have you in front of me. Basically: i admire you in many ways. I remember listening to myself repeating in silence in my head, on the way to the theatre "i want you to know, from someone who really means it, that you affect people"
I'm studying photography now, and as crazy as it seams to me, my main goal, is to affect people in the same level that you do.
I would be doing something really different from you, but if i ever find out that someone feels half as affected by my pictures, as i do by yours, i would know i'm doing the right thing.
Thank you for the minutes that took you to read this; and for teaching me about art, photography and feelings. If it wasn't your intention, at least is always good to know the effects of what we do as artists.


kirk or kirkella said...

sadly i think candy darling is closed.

james said...

blab, my ankle never looked better.