Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cuban Husband confused by snow.

Husband holding Windmill.

Husband outside the family farm.

Husband with Snowwoman who ended up looking kind of like Rossalind Russell in Picnic

Husband and Snowwoman.
Forcing the poor husband in to arcane rituals he has no interest in...

Still Life with Husband, Christmas Tree, and Snowy Owl

Dad and Ladder.

My husband hoisting a ladder with my father on Xmas day. Never a dull moment!

My crazy father. Crazy in a good way.
... plus fourth muse the lovely Lisa Schmidt...

The three muses of The Bad Breast, hooked on technology at the Freud Museum in Vienna: Katharina Klewinghaus, Robin Poitras, Anna Muelter.

Freud and his wife loved them some cocaines, apparently...

The source!

Me and Dr. Freud, we got a thing... goin' on!
Der Goldener Spiegel

On one of our rare nights off, Vaginal and I visited the storied hustler bar, Der Goldener Spiegel (The Golden Mirror) with Ali from the hot art collective Gelatiin (pictured) and a bunch of his hot friends.

The Brut Theatre, where we mounted The Bad Breast, so to speak.

My cozy hotel room in Berlin. It was basically the Chelsea Hotel of Vienna.
The Set of The Bad Breast, designed by fab artist Marc Brandenburg

The all important marquee

Some random trade at Pork at Ficken 3000 in Berlin. Oh wait, it's the promoters, Travis Jeppersen and Tennessee "The Mormon Hustler" Clafflin.
Alejandro Duran, who shot and edited the video visuals for the Bad Breast (with a Digital Harinezumi toy camera), and Janine Rostron, who's band, Planningtorock, did the original music for the piece.

Duelling Divas (who got on famously together offstage): Susanne Sachsse as Theda Lange and Katharina Klewinghaus as Dr. Jocasta Joy in The Bad Breast

I and Marc Brandenburg on the set of The Bad Breast at the Hau 2 in Berlin

Fantastic Berlin artist Marc Brandenburg, who designed the set and costumes for The Bad Breast

The divine Nando Messias in The Bad Breast; or, The Strange Case of Theda Lange

Here's What I Was Up To At The End Of 2009...

The gorgeous Robin Poitras, who plays Counter-transference in The Bad Breast. I imported her all the way from Vagina, Saskatchewan.

Above: Backstage at the Hau 2 Theatre in Berlin. It's all about the lighting.

Below: ArtBar Chief gets intimate with The Gay Mercenary (long story): Only in Berlin, kids. Only in Berlin.