Monday, June 2, 2008

Donau Festival in Krems, Austria

Photos by Christophe Chemin of the performance of Cheap Blacky at the Donau Festival in Krems, Austria. Set also by CC.

You know it's a good music festival when someone gets crucified on a car.

Unfortunately all the photos I took of the amazing, brilliant Ursuala Rucker are out of focus. She's from Philly. She's kind of like a cross between Gill Scott Heron and Angela Davis. She performed in Krems in a thirteenth century church. You had to be there. It was electrifying.

The handsome, awesome performance artist Dominic Johnson, who performed at the Donau Festival with the brilliant Ron Athey.

Ron Athey working a long blond wig.

Solar anus, anyone?


Dominic Johnson.

Somewhere in Vienna, there was a swing. Christophe swung on it.